Gameball featured in Shopify’s Staff Picks


Christmas came in early for us at Gameball this year. Less than a month ago, we launched our business on Shopify. And shortly after that launch we received 2 more-than-welcome e-mails from Shopify saying:

  • They are featuring Gameball in their “New and Noteworthy” section
  • They would like to feature Gameball in their “Staff Picks”

What does this mean?

The New & Noteworthy section is for apps that are new on the platform and that are worthy of being highlighted to customers. More on this in Gameball Launches on Shopify; Here’s What This Means

As for the Staff Picks, now that’s a 1-week featuring on Shopify’s homepage.

This is HUGE! (Notice the All-Caps? That’s how HUGE it is *grin*)

Shopify in a Nutshell

Shopify began when a group wanted to sell snowboards online, nearly 10 years ago, but couldn’t find the right e-commerce solutions. So instead of just creating an online shop selling snowboards, they created Shopify.

“Shopify has grown from 5 people in a coffee shop to over 4,000 across the globe. With over 1,000,000 businesses powered by Shopify, we care deeply about the work we do,” the Canadian e-commerce company says in its about section.

 Gameball on Shopify

At Gameball, we’re excited to not only be part of the 1 million businesses from across the globe that are supported on Shopify, we’re super excited to be handpicked from those 1 million businesses and be featured in Shopify’s Staff Picks.

Did we mention it’s HUGE?

Here’s what Shopify said in their e-mail:

“Congratulations on all your hard work! You have built great features and provided great customer support to our merchants. We are happy to acknowledge the success of your app and reward you for your amazing work you’ve put into its development.”

More Staff Picks Benefits

In addition to the above, being featured in Shopify’s Staff Picks gives an app MASSIVE exposure (we debated whether this should be ALL CAPS as well).

For one, Shopify is a global force, which means any featuring puts Gameball before a global audience. Another thing is, we don’t have to pay for marketing. This is organic marketing at its best. Your app and business are seen by thousands of businesses and people from every part of the world.

An important and, actually, cool thing about Shopify’s Staff Picks – in addition to the ego-boosting email – is that Shopify notifies you in advance before the featuring, giving you time to prepare or fix any glitches your app might have.

You can also negotiate with them the featuring period – which is always one week – so you can get everything in order and brace for an influx of explorers, shoppers, or people and brands looking to boost their businesses.

Next Steps?

To build on Shopify’s Staff Picks featuring, which coincides with the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, we’re giving a special offer for the Pro and Starter Tiers.

Are you ready to give your business a gamification edge and boost your sales? Try Gameball today!

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