Gameball Launches on Shopify; Here’s What This Means


Today’s blog post is a bit different from what we will usually be posting on the Gameball Blog because it marks a powerful start to Gameball’s business on one of the fastest growing platforms out there.

Recently, we launched Gameball on Shopify. Shortly after that launch, something exciting happened. Shopify featured Gameball on its “New and Noteworthy” section in their apps store.

This is HUGE!

But wait! What Is Shopify? And what’s all the fuss?

What is Shopify?

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Based in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify Inc. is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company. It is also a proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

English? *raised eyebrow emoji*

This means that Shopify is the go-to store if you’re building an online store or e-commerce business. You can create your e-commerce business through Shopify, migrate your business to it, or enhance your business with a host of apps available in the Shopify store, like Gameball.

By using Shopify, you can create your e-commerce website and even have a shopping cart for your business with the opportunity to manage options such as selling and shipping your products.

How Does Shopify Help Your Business?

If you are an e-commerce business or have an online store, then Shopify comes with several benefits, like being low cost, having attractive themes, easy to use, and offering many support options.

What does this have to do with Gameball?

Good question! If you have an e-commerce business or an e-store on Shopify, you can install Gameball’s gamified customer retention program directly and offer your customers a new rewards experience.

Gameball offers gamified loyalty programs for e-commerce businesses, referral management, and interactive messages (and a combination of these). We also offer a free Tier that you can use FOREVER via Shopify.

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