Merchants We Heard You: Your Most Requested Features are HERE

Monthly Product Update

We’ve been listening to our clients and acting fast to support their requests.

What is new in this update?

1. Configure Extra Redemption Rules

We added 2 new redemption types! Now you can offer beside promotional coupons, discount codes and/or free shipping. This will allow you to give your players different benefits based on your target audience.

Tip: Studies show that offering free shipping can lead to greater sales revenue, since people are willing to buy more to get free shipping. 

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2. Social Challenge

Gameball offers you a new challenge type to encourage your players to follow you on different social media platforms, giving your brand a chance to reach a wider audience. Social sharing is the new word-of-mouth advertising. 

Gameball now supports 3 platforms: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

And 3 different actions:

  • Like
  • Share
  • Follow

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3. Manual Challenge Rewards

Manually reward a challenge to a specific player or all your players and let the challenge badge appear on their profile automatically.

Gameball is enabling you now to reward your players on special occasions, holidays, your brand anniversary or whenever you need, also if you want to compensate a player you can now reward them individually too.

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4. Social Sharing

Players now can share their referral link or the achieved badge with their network.

Read more about how to acquire customers with Referral Marketing.

92% of respondents reported that a positive recommendation from a friend is the biggest influence on whether they buy a product.

Paul M. Rand, Zócalo Group President and CEO

Stay tuned for our monthly updates as more exciting updates are coming! 

We are trying hard to always enhance our experience and to fulfill all our clients’ requirements and needs, if you have any comments, please send an email to

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