7+ New Product Updates from Gameball this November

November Edition

Product updates are what make our Gameball product whole. But then again, to support businesses, we continuously add updates, features, and integrations to make Gameball’s loyalty and customer retention program unique and exciting.

We as a Product Team, have a vision of what Gameball should be. That’s why we have a lot in store for you.

All we ask is that you keep an eye on our announcements and product updates.

I’ll take this moment to give a shout out to the teams behind us, the Tech team who are working tirelessly to deliver high-quality features, and our support team who are always there for you, wanting to help, to know your feedback, expectations, and requirements.

Whats’ new this month?

1. Email Notifications

Based on popular demand we are launching the Email Notifications Feature.

You can now enable the emails notification feature to send your players emails every time they earn points or complete challenges on your platform.

Sometimes, players earn points or win challenges while they are not on your platform.

For example, if the anniversary or birthday challenges are configured, your players will win this challenge on a specific day without any recent interaction with your platform. This is especially where emails can be very useful. Enabling emails can help you drive back your customers to visit your platform.

*Available starting from Starter plan.

Learn more about email notifications and how to set them up.

2. Players Tags

Player tags

Tags will aid you to classify your players into groups. They’re great, for example, in highlighting VIP players who may need VIP rewards, or if you need to simulate different rewards or send different campaigns based on different criteria.

In other words, these player tags offer more segmentation flexibility.

Learn more about player tags and how to make the best use of them:

3. Extra Redemption Rule: Free Products

Free product

Your players will now be able to redeem their points for a free product. You’ll be able to define which product to offer and the equivalent points needed.

Learn more about all the redemption rules.

4. Birthday Challenge

This type of rewards will add great personalization to your rewards program and increase engagement, because nothing is more personal than your customers’ birthdays!

Through the Birthday Challenge, you can reward your players on their birthday even if this is not included in the registration form of your website, players will be able to add their date of birth directly through the widget.

Learn more on how to configure birthday challenges.

5. Manual Score

Gameball is adding to its manual achievement feature, Manual Score!

Now you can manually reward your players (aka customers) with a manual achievement consisting of any of the following:

  • Score Reward Only
  • Points Reward Only
  • Score and Points reward

Learn more about manual achievement.

6. Developers’ View: Event Logging

Event logging GIF
We worked on 2 aspects:

1. Automatic events creation

We wanted to facilitate the process of event creation on Gameball’s dashboard, and reduce manual data entry as much as we can. Now, once an event is sent from your platform to Gameball, it will automatically appear on the events page!

You will be able to edit or delete the event as long as it is not linked to any of Gameball configurations.

Learn more about automatic events creation.

2. Events Log

Integrating blindly is like asking someone to drive blindfolded. Understanding this struggle, we worked with the developer persona in mind. Events Log is designed primarily to help review the events meta-data and format as it comes in for debugging and QA purposes.

Learn more about events log.

7. Widget UI Updates

Widget tabs titles enhancement

A small tweak to our widget UI, to help your players navigate easily between the tabs.

8. Widget New Transaction History Tab

Players can review their transactions history through the widget’s new History tab.

They can review how and when they earned their points, and how and when they redeemed their points.

9. Challenge Filters and Extraction

We’ve added search and filter to the Challenges program page.

You can also extract the filtered challenges in a CSV file.

You can search by:

  • Challenge Name
  • Challenge Display Name

Or, filter challenges by:

  • Status
  • Challenge Behavior
    • i.e Challenge type
  • Challenge Visibility
    • Always Visible
    • Not Visible
    • Visible if Earned
  • Activation Settings
    • Always Active
    • Scheduled
  • … AND MORE

Get inspired on how you can use challenges to engage customers and grow revenue.

10. Collections Tag

For Shopify users, we added a new meta-data collection_id, so you can reward your players if they placed an order from a specific collection.

Learn more on Shopify events and their keys.

As always, stay tuned for our monthly updates as more exciting updates are coming! 

We are trying hard to always enhance our experience and to fulfill all your requests and needs.

If you have any comments, please send us an email to support@gameball.co

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