Gameball Updates for June


Summer is finally here and the world is starting to open again thanks to the vaccine!

People will start to do their summer shopping, but that doesn’t mean they will change their online shopping habits. On the contrary, online shopping is expected to continue growing more strongly and steadily.

Online shopping is growing so fast that the global online shopping market size hit close to $4 trillion in 2020. And in the US, it’s expected that online shoppers will reach 300 million by 2023.

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So what’s new?

1. New Home

Unveiling the new Home!

We did some freshening up, a bit of touch ups here and there:

A. Important Metrics

Based on a lot of feedback we received from our customers, we have added the most important metrics on Gameball on the homepage of Gameball Admin Dashboard. Directly from the homepage, you will get the needed data about total accumulated/redeemed points, current points liability on Gameball, and an overview of your players.

B. Custom Dashboard*

All important metrics can now added to your homepage as well!

Every customer has specific metrics related to the loyalty and rewards program that need to be tracked every-time they access Gameball Admin Dashboard. Now, you can pick any metric from our analytics section to be added on the homepage to let you access the most important data from one page. You will be able to add, delete, rearrange, resize any metric on the homepage to keep everything in place for your work.

Access your new homepage now on our Admin Dashboard

* Custom dashboard feature is only available to our Pro and Guru plans

2. Ability to enable/disable Shopify POS

If you are running both a Shopify online store and an offline retail store using Shopify POS, you can also let your in-store customers get rewards through Gameball.

How to disable Gameball on Shopify POS?

We’ve added a new option in the Admin Settings, so you can now control whether you want to reward both online and offline customers or let Gameball work with your online stores only.

Learn more about:

3. Introducing “Merchants”**

As a multi-brand company, you might be facing some difficulties with unifying your customer engagement under one loyalty experience. Gameball has now made that possible with its new Merchant feature.

With Merchant, you can easily create a crossover rewards experience where your players get cashback points with every purchase they make at any of your brands or stores. They can redeem their cashback balance at a different store, or with a different brand.

They can also get a different cashback value with every purchase they make based on the brand or store they visit.

** This feature is only available to our Guru plans

Learn more about Merchants and how this feature works

4. Organized Player Actions with Filters

We have organized all the actions you can apply on your players in one place. Through Players list page, you will find all actions to ease how you can apply the needed actions on your players like Add/Deduct Points, Reward Manual Challenge, Tag a Player.. and so on.

Also, based on a lot of requests received from our customers, you can now include the applied filters on the player page to these actions.

So you can do the following as an example:

  • Access your Players list section
  • Apply the needed filter on your players’ list
  • Add or deduct points from the new actions list
  • Only the filtered players will be affected not all your players’ list!

Visit the players section and check out the improvements done.

As always, stay tuned for our monthly updates as more exciting updates are in the works. We are trying hard to always enhance our experience and fulfill all your requests and needs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send us an email to

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  1. Awesome guys! Last few weeks have been crazy so I only noticed this post now 🙂
    It would be awesome to see improvement on the side of referrals/inviting friends, if the referral didn’t force verify every user to be a new user then it could be more powerful and work more akin to an affiliate system and we could start working with affiliates, micro influencers to help incentivize and grow our store sales 🙂
    Also it would be nice if giving different rewards to users by Tags was not limited to challenges (only challenges can be attributed to user tags) and we could also attribute referrals, so we could set different levels (for example, VIP or INFLUENCER tags user groups, could receive more for their referrals than normal users 🙂 )

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