Use Interactive Push Notifications to Drive More Business


Push notifications, or what was previously known as push messaging, have been around for several years. But only recently have businesses begun to consider interactive push notifications as part of their marketing strategy and as a means to boost engagement.

The need for push notifications has increased with the growing number of smartphones and mobile apps. They offer new channels for businesses to connect and engage with their customers.

That said, businesses should focus on making their push notifications effective, which brings to light: Interactive Push Notifications.

What Are Interactive Push Notifications?

Put simply they are an upgrade to push notifications as in they allow customers to directly interact and communicate with the business or brand they are following or whose app they are using.

Moreover, they allow businesses to customize their options for customers, prompting them to continuously take actions on the business’s website or mobile app.

By using customized push messages, you can provide your customers with an interactive and an exciting experience.

But as is the case with anything, too much messaging can drive a customer away. So try to find the right balance for your customers.

Interactive push notifications are often referred to as Trigger Messaging or triggered messages.

Gamified Interactive Push Notifications? What’s That?

Let’s say you have an e-commerce business. To encourage your customers to log in frequently and take actions on the site, not necessarily purchasing, you include a game-like option that allows customers to score points, level up, and win items.

They can win points, which later can translate into money, or discounts, or special offers.

If you’re wondering what’s the point in all that, then you need to first look at your customer as a person not a wallet.

When your customer logs in and starts taking actions on your e-commerce site, like reviewing items, adding items to their cart, or making a purchase, they become engaged.

Adding interactive push notifications will prompt them to continually be interested in your site rather than just log in, browse, and leave or log in, browse, buy, and may be never to return again.

Boost Your Business with Interactive Push Notifications

There are many ways interactive push messaging work and each of those ways comes with a benefit to your business.

  1. Ask for opinions: Depending on your business, you can send interactive notifications to clients and users to request their opinions. Whether it’s for a survey or preference for filtering their needs, interactive push notifications can help you with that and improve your customer experience.
  2. Grow engagement: Increase the level of interaction between your business and your customer.
  3. Customer experience: Interactive push notifications can enhance your customer experience. If a customer tries your product or service you can easily send a push notification asking if they liked or disliked the service and if they had any problems. It shows you are quick and you can offer them a discount the next time they take action or buy something from you.

Have we given you some inspiration to get closer to your customers? If the answer is yes but you’re still wondering: if interactive push notifications are so amazing, then why many aren’t many businesses using them?

Then, the answer is because there are some challenges when it comes to creating these types of notifications.

With this knowledge in mind, Gameball’s interactive push notification options and services will take all the hassle away.

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