What’s new with Gameball in May?


As we are approaching the end of Ramadan – the holy month for Muslims – and Eid is right around the corner, people are doing their last-minute shopping.

What better time to start a campaign or two to boost your sales or to get more ideas.

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Adding to our array of features, this month we’ve been focusing on a few small tweaks to some of those features so you can get the utmost benefit from what Gameball has to offer.

So what’s new?

1. Custom Benefits per Level

Now, in addition to the fixed discount percentages, you can easily inform your players about special and exclusive benefits through the Gameball player widget.

Learn more about customizing benefits per Level

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2. Partial Refund

Introducing partial refunds where you will be able to cancel the cashback reward partially in case of a partial order refund on your store.

Learn more about partial refunds

3. New Operator for Event-based Challenges

“Repeated Values” operator where you can now reward your players if they buy products from the same category, vendor … etc.

Learn more on event-based challenges and all its operators

Introducing Strategies

Introducing the Gameball strategies section. Here we’ll be posting strategies and tactics each month to help store owners like you take your loyalty program to the next level and make the most out of your experience with Gameball.

Here’s a list of our latest strategies:

As always, stay tuned for our monthly updates as more exciting updates are in the works. 

We are trying hard to always enhance our experience and fulfill all your requests and needs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send us an email to support@gameball.com

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