The 4 Keys To Mastering Customer Retention – and How Gameball Can Do It For You


Creating a solid customer retention strategy can be very demanding, but sometimes it can be the easiest! Previously we explored the extensive process of how you can go about crafting your loyalty management solution. In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can let Gameball do all the heavy lifting for you and get that customer retention rate to go 📈.

Keys to Customer Retention

An essential part of improving customer retention is knowing the fundamental principles that allow businesses to grow their customer loyalty. So here are the five customer keys to customer retention:

  1. Know your customers better than they know themselves
  2. Create a robust loyalty program
  3. Build deeper relationships with your customers
  4. Perfect your customer service

Keeping each of these principles in mind, let’s explore how Gameball helps you create your customer retention strategy.

Know your customers through profiling and segmentation

Understanding customers through data is one of the most potent ways to see their needs and wants.

It also allows you to see patterns that different types of customers take that they may not be able to see themselves.

Through collecting and analyzing a wide range of data, from essential personal identity to recent customer events and referrals, Gameball provides deep insight into your customers’ user profiles, allowing you to understand who they are more deeply.

Even though each individual is unique, it is impossible to categorize customers purely as an individual. Through the utilization and grouping of customers into various groups, you can create segments that group your customers in ways that are useful to your unique business. Gameball can then take these parameters and automatically segment your customer base, allowing you to categorize and profile players.

Now you know your customers! Step 1, done and dusted 😉.

Create a robust loyalty program

Knowing your customers, you can truly create and tailor their experience. Creating one that draws them in and makes them feel like fully immersive and engaging for them, and Gameball has plenty of tools to help craft a loyalty program like no other; let’s check them out

  1. Points

Creating a solid loyalty program is based on offering your customers some system that rewards them for continuous interactions with your brand. The most straightforward program that can be utilized to create a direct and tangible benefit is the cashback program—offering your customers immediate help for every purchase they make

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2. V.I.P. & Tiering

Taking the experience a step deeper and helping you build a loyalty program that turns customers into lifelong customers, we immediately have the V.I.P. & tiering programs. Creating custom tiers and setting goals for your customers to work towards to give them more perks, or to become a cool cat and join the highly coveted V.I.P. sector.

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3. Gamification

Some people want to have fun! So make the experience of shopping one that is more gamelike to give your customers a unique and fun experience. Create challenges and badges for your customers to earn and turn basic actions into an engaging adventure for them every moment.

Build deeper relationships with your customers

Go an extra step now and give your customers something that makes them feel like a part of your family. Omni-channel messaging is the perfect way to create messages and comments towards your customers that go beyond basic notifications. Just think of how you can create a unique world for your customer!

Do you have a food-based business? Send customers an email on their birthday with a meal on you to make them feel appreciated. 1st anniversary of a loyal customer? Send them a push notification through your app, alerting them of all the loyalty points they just got for being awesome!

The possibilities are endless, and you can give customers an experience that makes you stand out from all your competitors.

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Perfect your customer service

This is an integral part of the customer retention strategy; to create the best customer service experience, you need to focus on two critical factors.

1) Rapid responsiveness

One of the most critical aspects of helping customers stay loyal to a brand is ensuring they feel they are heard when needing help. Just imagine the difference between if your customer is searching for use to one of their inquiries and doesn’t receive service for a week vs. receiving support in 15-30 minutes. The qualitative difference in experience between the two is vast and will result in a substantial difference in their loyalty to your brand.

2) Feedback systems

Utilizing customer feedback and using it for growth is essential in making your customer support experience top-notch. Create easy ways for customer feedback to enter into a system that consolidates different customer feedback points and allows you to look at them and make decisions.

By creating this system, you will see what areas customers complain about the most and improve them accordingly. You will also be able to build more on your strong suits and allow yourself to gain an even greater competitive edge.

Now even though Gameball isn’t precisely doing your customer service for you, hey, we’re giving you the shortcuts, so technically, we are 😏You wouldn’t click on the link here and try Gameball if you don’t like growth or success.

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